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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Best toys for an 8 year old boy

Unless you know what's cool buying a gift for an eight year old boy can be tough going. By eight they know what they like and what they are in to may change by the day. Below is my list of top gift ideas that are sure to be a hit:

1. Spinning Plate - £5.99
The diabolo has seen a rise in popularity this year and most little boys seem to own one already, which is why it's not on my list. After experimenting with diabolo tricks they have become interested in all things juggling and this spinning plate will certainly test their skills.

2. Technorobot Building Kit - £10.99
I could have chosen almost any kit from our education section as there are some other fantastic ones amongst the range. This robot making kit has been popular for years and is a hit with boys.

3. Wooden Bow and Arrow Set - £8.99
A lovely traditional bow and arrow complete with target and three arrows. Even the Dad's will love having a go at this!

4. Magic Hat Trick Set - £16.99
Harry Potter has made all things wizardly very popular and because this set comes complete with a wand it is a great hit.

5. Magnet Kit - £9.99
You may be surprised at the fun that can be had with all these magnets.

I really struggled to narrow down the stocking stuffers as we have so many great ideas. I have chosen the top 3 that would be suitable for almost any boy of eight but if your looking for the favourite of 2011 it has to be the Smurf figures at £3.50 each:

From the Right
Light Up Kinetic Wheel - £4.99, Net of Marbles - £1.50, Aircraft carrier - £4.99

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