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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Best toys for a 4 year old boy

As Blake has his 4th Birthday coming up and Christmas just after that he has a slight influence in this blog post. Here is my list of the top five toys for 4 year old boys that are popular not just with Blake:

1. Space Explorer Building Bricks - £14.99
Boys of this age will need a little help to build the models in the instructions but will learn and copy you and can build their own creations. They can then use there imaginations to play with the finished space center. This set is compatible with Lego and other leading brands.

2. Mega Ball - £5.99
Blake has been after one of these all year! Once inflated these balls are the size of a him and he's not a small boy.
3. Marble Run - £14.99
Boys can build up the marble run how ever they choose and then watch the marbles as they follow their track down to the bottom. Then rebuild it a different way to make the marbles take a different path.

4. Bug Viewer - £4.99
Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what boys are made of. With this bug box they can collect there own creepy crawlies to examine but it also comes with it's own plastic spider to get them started.

5. Tip Tap Art - £8.99
At this age children will start doing this activity at nursery or preschool so it will be instantly recognisable when they unwrap it. They create pictures by hammering pis through the colourful shapes on to the pin board.
And here are a few stocking stuffer ideas:

Bike Horn - £3.99 Magnetic Letters and Numbers - £6.99 Clockwork Fishing - £3.99

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