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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Do you remember the Scream Comic from 1984?

Wow - How excited was I to discover that my childhood favourite comic Scream has been dragged out from the depths and even has a whole website devoted to it at www.backfromthedepths.co.uk which appears to have been written by the original inuman editor Ghastly Mcnasty!
The first ever issue of Scream Comic - Came with a free set of Dracula Fangs
The scream dedicated website features the front and back covers of this fantastic comic, and you can view every page of each comic in high resolution, and you can select to read any of the entire story-lines. My particular favourites were The thirteenth floor, where the buildings computer was so committed to the tenants interest he invented his own 13th floor where no man came out of it alive, Terror of the cats, and Monster, where a 12 year old boy named Kenneth was forced to look after his disfigured Uncle Terry after he had been locked in the attic his whole life; in fact I re-read this entire story again last night to be left on a real cliff-hanger at the end of issue 15, the last episode. Clearly a further edition had been planned, as there was plenty of references to "next weeks issue" and the 4th part of the sea themed poster was missing.

No-one really knows why the plug was so abruptly pulled from this classic horror comic, and this mystery just makes it that little bit more spooky. I have also discovered that Eagle comic picked up the Monster story which is also online, so after just 27 years, I can finally find out the fate of Ken and Terry!

I often fondly talk about this comic, which first arrived in our newsagents shelves on 24th March 1984, with the last issue published in June 1984. Only 15 weekly issues were ever produced, of which I had every one.  I remember in detail the pull out posters which used to be a feature on my bedroom wall.

The poster - Had prime position on my bedroom wall
Yes I did own all 15 episodes, and a couple of summer specials that arrived a couple of years later, but I sold them all to my stepfather for £10 so that I could buy the spectrum 48k that I really wanted (and still have, in fact). Now all fifteen issues would collect around £140.

Well I was ecstatic to find others passionate as me about this fantastic horror comic, and really enjoyed re-reading some of the stories and appreciating the artwork, and can only remain eternally grateful to the authors of both Scream and the guys at www.backfromthedepths.co,.uk.

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