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Monday, 12 November 2012

How eating polos can help stop cruelty to children

How can eating polo mints possibly help stop cruelty to children?

Well, thanks to our new 1950's penny arcade machine installed in our shop in Totnes, Devon, all players have a chance to win a packet of polos, with all proceeds being donated to the NSPCC. The machine that originally took the old 1d coin (1 penny) has now been converted to use the new 10 pence coins, which releases a ball, that has to be flicked into a winning hole to win a packet of polos.

With 171,000 registered charities to choose from, we figured that it had to be a children's charity which narrowed the selection down a little, and after weeks of research and deliberation, we have decided to support the NSPCC. As well as being well known, and having Childline join them in 2006, they have:
  • Created a pioneering online counselling service, which helped more than 1,000 young people to speak out for the first time about abuse they had suffered.
  • Help to protect thousands of children from abuse – since the creation of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre more than 166 networks of sex offenders have been dismantled.
  • Worked with more professional groups and local agencies to keep children safe. More than 5,000 professionals use our child protection site, Inform.
  • Gathered massive public support as part of the FULL STOP Campaign.
  • Helped more than 750,000 children, young people and families through their local services increasing the amount of public support amongst adults.
 We feel that they are a very worthy cause, and look forward to raising some donations for them, whilst at the same time, having some good old fashioned fun and preserving a little bit of British history.

Did you know?
An average of one hundred and fifty Polo mints are eaten every second!


Anonymous said...

hi there. where can i get one of these machines. i run a small circus and would love one of these in my show. would even give some of the money to a kids fund to.

thanks for your time


Adam McCollough said...

Hi Dado,

We purchased this one on ebay. It cost just under a thousand pounds. Just search for "penny arcade machine", or "allwin".

It's an expensive charity box, but a great excuse to own one, and preserve a little bit of history.

There are lots of old mechanical arcade style machines that may be perfect for you out there.

I love all old mechanical machines, and wish I could buy them all!

All the best, Adam.

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