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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Top ten stocking filler ideas for girls


Feeling a little stuck for ideas in regards to stocking fillers this year? Not a problem! We’ve come up with the top ten stocking filler ideas for your little girl.

1.    Grow your own stylist
       What girl wouldn't love to have her own stylist? I know I would! 
 2.    Friendship bracelet kit 
       This is great for any girl to make and share with her friends. 
 3.    Farm animals
       When I was younger I spent most of my time playing with animal figures. This would have gone nicely!

4.    Fairy wings and wand
       Who wouldn't love to be a fairy for a day?
5.    Gymnastics ribbon
       Great for a girl who likes to dance!
6.    Animal skipping rope
       With four different animals to choose from, there is bond to be one which will impress.

 7.    Crystal growing kit
       Grow diamond like crystals!
 8.    Paper fan
       These are so delightful.
 9.    Fashion doll stickers
       Dress up and accessorize with these fashion show stickers.
10.  Design a butterfly 
       Isn't it lovely to see children express their creativity? This product is just perfect for any little girl!


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