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Saturday, 3 November 2012

There’s not just one bear at Paddington Station anymore

Paddington bear is a classic fictional character from English children’s literature. The bear has got human characteristics and is very polite, addressing people as ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’. Although he is well-meaning, he does tend to give people hard stares if they have his disapproval! He tries to get things right but he does often manage to get himself into some form of trouble. He is originally from Peru but he was adopted by the Brown family giving him his name ‘Paddington Brown’.

Paddington keeps himself warm in a duffle coat and an old hat. He carries around a battered suitcase which has a secret compartment allowing the suitcase to hold more items then it would appear. He also has a tremendous love for marmalade sandwiches!

The bear made his first appearance in 13 October 1958 in the first book ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ and was in several more books written by Michael Bond and was illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. Books have been translated to 30 different languages across 70 titles. They have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide! So Paddington was indeed a very popular little bear!

On Christmas Eve 1956, Bond was in a shop near Paddington station where he noticed a lonely bear sitting on a shelf. The bear made such an impression on Bond that he bought it as a present for his wife and found the inspiration to write the books. The first of which only took ten days to write!

In 1972 the first Paddington bear stuffed toy was made by Gabrielle Designs. Shirley Clarkson who ran the company gave Paddington some wellington boots which helped the teddy stand upright.

Paddington bear is happy living within the walls of Toyday now, but would be even happier in a loving home!

We also have a very pleasant little tin in the shape of a suitcase with a small Paddington teddy inside!

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