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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Looe Festival By The Sea

This weekend is the Looe Festival By The Sea, a fantastic event for all the family! The weather is set to shine on Cornwall this half term so this is certainly a going to be a fantastic time to visit Looe.

The festival is a celebration of everything which coastal living has to offer. This is a must for all foodies as the quayside holds a market showcasing all the amazing culinary delights the town and it's industries have to offer. As you walk down the side of the picturesque Looe River you will be inundated by the smells of exotic sea foods which are all being prepared live in front of you.

1st & 2nd of June 2013 - Festival By The Sea - A great way to finish your half term break!

Looe Marine Conservation Group

On the Friday there is a rock pool ramble organised on Hannafore Beach (West Looe) starting at 3pm and finishing at 5 pm, meet at the life guard station. This is a family friendly event to introduce you to a few creatures from the rocky sea shore around Looe – crabs, limpets, starfish, anemones. No nets please as this can damage the delicate rock pool creatures.

Crabbing from the quayside in Looe is always popular with the kids and the harbour is usually full of families competing to see who can find the most crabs. At Toyday you can buy a crab bucket, bait and line all for £3, our bait is frozen bacon, which is irresistible to crabs and freezing it ensures it lasts longer in your net. All you need is a patch of Quayside to sit on and throw in your bag of bait and wait. The trick is to slowly draw in the line before the little crab lets go of the bait! Please ensure you fill your bucket with sea water, the little guys don't want to dry out on the hot tarmac, and put them back when you are finished. Be careful not to drop your line into the sea as this can cause environmental damage.


Mini Fest in West Looe

Saturday 1st June - 1pm at the Quayside Centre [sic] at West Looe for an afternoon of live music from Samba Kernow, Miner Quay, James Shead, Gareth Lee, Suzie Mac, The Huckleberry Finns and folk-punk band Crowns. Check out their facebook page for more info.


Grazing on the Quay

Festival of the Sea
No celebration of coastal living would be complete without a celebration of the amazing food it has to offer. All along the Quay Side there will be a multitude of culinary delights to experience as the local farmers, fishermen, traders and restaurants compete for your attention by serving up the very best of what the have offer under the canvas cover of a traditional market. This is a one off annual event and all the participants make a special effort to leave you with an ever lasting memory of the taste of Looe. The stalls have created special 'grazing' plates so you can try as many different things as possible without running out of room! There are not just sea foods on offer here, as a Sea Side holiday destination Looe is also famous for it's award winning Ice Cream and incredible cakes - I should know Toyday is right next door to the best cake shop in town! Whether you are a lobster lover or a curry connoisseur you will find your new favourite food here this weekend!



This has to be the highlight of the festival, it is a hilarious event and all in aid of the RLNI  The teams have been building their rafts from old barrels, empty water canisters, recycled bottles, old pallets, even balloons! Anything that floats, has been strapped together and used to transport as many people as possible from the beach to the river. As they frantically paddle with everything they've got, they also have to endure a barrage of water bombs from the crowd. Many give up, get stuck or simply sink and have to swim to shore, who will stay the course this year and be crowned king of the raft race 2013? You'll just have to come and see. The raft race prize giving  and closing ceremony is 5pm at the lifeboat station on Sunday.

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