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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Grow Your Own...

I've always been so fascinated by toys that can grow! As a child I found the whole concept so magical and I still have a little glimmer in my eye when the children in the shop buy their very own 'Grow Your Own..' products to take home and try out.
I remember my cousins and I being allowed to have our very own box of the 'Grow Your Own Crystals' during my summer holidays.
We would spend so much time and use up all our energy everyday to keep the crystals in the right  temperature, the right light and with enough liquid to start to form as crystals.
When I first started at Toyday it came to my amazement that we sell so many 'Grow Your Own...' products but for all different types of things. E.g. birthday cake, degree, a penguin, plants, a boyfriend and even a grow your own Jesus! The growing product expands and grows in just a few days, children especially find it such a fascinating thing to watch and look after. However a lot of our grow products are for adults as a potential joke present for someone (unless you genuinely want to grow your own wife or mother-in-law!) starting from £1.99.

Take a look at our Growing products selection on our website (links above) and have fun growing your very own gardens, animals, plants and little people!


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