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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Jigsaws - Great For The Little Ones

Here at Toyday we sell a vast range of jigsaw puzzles. They are all very colourful and help your children learn - whilst having fun.
They help children to develop a wider range of thinking as their physical shape helps children learn think about how the different shapes fit together and the individual piece’s colours helps them with matching them up using the colours of different pieces. 
Now to several of the fantastic jigsaws we have for younger children.
One of our simplest puzzles is an wooden alphabet lift out jigsaw puzzle. This is suitable for both boys and girls from the age of 3 up. The aim for your children would be to put all the letters into the right space. This helps with them learning their alphabet and as the letters are all different colours, it could help them also learn them too. 
Our wooden dog and cat jigsaw puzzles are great for children who love animals and is suitable for ages 3 upwards of any gender. As there are only five pieces to each puzzle they are quite large which is good for children who like to put things in their mouths – which is most of them.

From any of our shops you can get 6 different fairytale themed puzzles for the price of one. This wooden set of 20 cubes each has a different piece to each of the puzzles, as it is a little bit harder because of this it would be better for about around 3 year olds and above. Helps children think about putting the puzzles together by looking at what is on each side of each cube. They also have to think about the other faces of the cubes and what image they are making as they put the cubes together.

We also have a road puzzle for the floor for the children to make their ideal city and race their cars around on, it also comes with wooden road signs to make it more authentic, including traffic lights, stop signs and warning signs. Perfect for ages 3 and above and both boys and girls. This puzzle has 24 large pieces to it and is great for bringing out the creative side to any child as they build up their own city. (100 cm x 63 cm when assembled)

Please click on any of the pictures to help you find the product on our website.

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