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Monday, 27 May 2013

What Toys to Buy for a New Baby

While you wait for the grand arrival of your little one you find yourself surrounded by things to buy but what do they actually need? There is so much temptation out there of cute outfits and adorable baby things.

You want to be prepared which is a good idea as you won't have much time when baby arrives but you have to bear in mind that other people may buy lots of gifts for baby. The biggest mistake tends to be buying lots of clothes in size 0-3 months as this seems to be the size that everybody buys as presents when in actual fact most babies wear the newborn size (about 11lb) to start off with or maybe even smaller sizes.

When buying a rattle you need to find one that will be easy to grip for little hands as like everything else, gripping is something that they will have to learn. For the same reason I would recommend looking for one that is lightweight. The other thing to consider is that everything will go in the mouth and they may start teething as early as three months old.

Winkle Rattle by Manhattan Toy -
Possibly the best rattle out there that is suitable from birth. It is easy to hold and great
to chew - £9.99

 Another great option is a toy that can be strapped to the wrists or ankles so that they can touch and shake it without having to be able to grasp them.

Lamaze Bug Wrist Rattles
These cute wrist rattles are in black and white making them prefect for a newborns sight - £11.99

Thinking along the same lines toys that can hang from prams, cots and car seats are a good idea too. These provided entertainment on a journey and if they flash or make music babies will love them.

Peter Rabbit Pull Down Musical Toy
This toy is cute, typically British and plays a lovely tune - £19.99

My final suggestion to entertain a little one is something you can either put them in or on. This gives mum 5 minutes to get things done while baby is entertained. It could be a rocker, bouncer, swing or mat.

ABC Mat by Manhattan Toy
This play mat for babies is full of textures and sensations. It also gives baby a bit of tummy time so that they can practise there crawling. - £39.99

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