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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Learn Tricks, Flicks and Stunts With Our Own Diabolo

The Diabolo consists of a spool, string and two sticks. The spool is tossed and thrown around using the string and sticks to do all sorts of interesting tricks.
There are many different sorts of diabolos that you can get. Here at Toyday we sell glow in the dark, wooden and flashing diabolos. The different materials that diabolos can come in are useful for helping get the right sort of movement and momentum out of it . The smaller the diabolo that higher and faster it will travel.


The basic principal of the diabolo is to get the spool to spin while being suspended from the spring. You can do this by dragging the spring back and forth across the axle of the spool to create the friction to make it spin.


You can carry out many tricks with your diabolo too. These tricks range from simple ones with one spool on your string too the harder ones with multiple spools all on one string and to be able to manipulate more then one spool at a time takes time and practice.  

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