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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Events in Looe during July

There are a few events coming up in Looe throughout the month of July one being the 7th Looe Festival of the Sea with the weekend of July 9th and 10th being very busy with the RNLI having an open weekend. Different activities will be happening around the town and seafront with various dancing and entertainment and the Looe Valley Singers performing at the Boathouse at 7pm those evenings. There is also the 'Taste of the Sea' with the quay lined with stalls selling local foods, drinks and produce and of course there will be links to the sea and seafood.

Probably one of the most popular and hilarious is the raft race. This is going to be taking place on Sunday July 10th starting at 1.30pm from Looe beach. They are called rafts but anyone who has seen them knows they probably wouldn't like to be in one in desperation at sea if their boat was sinking as many hardly make it past launching! A weird concoction of barrels, wood and miles of rope seems to be the general appearance and I think the only rule is that there aren't any, as bags of flour and water pistols show in abundance.

I understand they will be paddling, no engines allowed, from the beach out around the Banjo Pier and then up the river under the main bridge and finishing, well those that do, at the Millpool slipway. If I am not working then I will try to get down to Looe and watch it but do be warned the seafront and riverside does get busy. I think next year we should enter and it will give us a year to design and build the ultimate boat so come on Toyday.

Looe Carnival weeks commences on July 24th with a week of activities including Fun runs, Boot sales, Floral dance, and of course the carnival procession through Looe on Saturday 30th.

Do try to come down to Looe whether you are on holiday or live around here and support all these events and if you do make it then I am sure you will be a great time.

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