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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Toyday Large Wooden Garage Review

This large wooden garage is a 39 cm x 60 cm three storey garage made from painted wood complete with cars, light posts, trees and petrol pumps. It also features a moving lift and two plastic ramps.

The garage comes flat packed and was quite tricky to assemble, we won't be taking it apart again in a hurry. Once constructed it is quite heavy so it is positioned in a spot in my son's bedroom where he can access it to play with it whenever he wants. I would say it's not easy to store for this reason but it is attractive and adds' to the decor of the room. If the girls have a pretty dolls house in their rooms then this is definitely the equivalent for boys.

The garage has a lift that can be moved between levels by turning the handle but this is a little hard to do for very small hands. There are two ramps which you can drop the cars on top at the top of each level and let them roll on to the level below. The petrol pumps are on strings and can be slotted in and out of the petrol station so that children can pretend to fill up all there cars. The cars that come with this garage are nicely finished in painted wood and you get several of these in various different colours..

My son has had this from the age of 1 despite the fact that it is not recommended for under 3's. It's the only toy that he played with then that he still plays with now and he is coming up for 4. Nowadays though he tends not to play with the wooden cars that come with it and instead uses all his diecast ones such as hot wheels cars and where he used to just like watching the cars roll down the ramps he now goes into this whole imaginary world driving the cars around and refueling them. It's a really sturdy long lasting toy, the only weakness I would say is the plastic ramps which could snap of if the child climbs or leans on them but compared to an entirely plastic garage (which from experience didn't last five seconds) it is certainly a good buy.

Pro’s and Cons

- Long Lasting
- Attractive
- Lots of features

- Tricky to assemble
- Not easy to store
- Plastic Ramps

How Much Is It?

Although this garage is £73.99 it is certainly worth the money for the number of years it's lasted and how much it gets played with and will continue to be played with for years to come. It is also reasonable compared to the price of a dolls house of the same size.

In Short

Price - £73.99
Value for Money – 8/10
Enjoyment Rating – 9/10
Recommended Age – 3-7 Years
Recommended Sex - Male
Overall Rating – 8/10

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