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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mixing Jelly with Toys

Sounds messy doesn't it but you can actually produce some fun effects combining the two. Jelly is a must for all kids party's and you could produce something to fit with the theme.

For a beach themed kids party you could take our castle bucket set and produce a jelly sand castle, possibly this would look best in lemon jelly to represent the sand. You may need to experiment before you are able to pull off the perfect jelly castle to ensure all the turrets stay attached. Try lining the bucket with cling film for easing the jelly out once it has set. There are also sea creature moulds in this set which you could do to place around the edge of the plate.

For a creepy crawly bug themed birthday party or Halloween party use a green or red coloured jelly in a mould or bowl and suspend one of our plastic insects in the middle for some added gore. You could also do the same thing with a plastic dinosaur for a dinosaur theme. You could create your own creepy moulds by pressing a stretchimal (these come in snakes, lizards or frogs) into some Plasticine and them covering the mould with cling film before pouring your jelly in.

With all the different flavoured jelly available why not try making a rainbow jelly. You just need to put your jelly into the fridge until firm before adding the next layer on top and so on until you have as many colours as you choose. Try floating sweets in it to add some extra excitement.

Play around with different moulds. Your could use scooped our orange halves as bowls, create little sailing boats with cocktail stick and paper sails, the possibilities are endless. You really can get creative with jelly and jelly certainly shouldn't be boring.

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