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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Looe Lugger Regatta

This weekend sees the Lugger Regatta festival in Looe again and with fair winds and blue skies it is probably going to be one of the best yet. I parked at Hannafore this morning and the Luggers were in the bay and it was spectacular to see them with Whitsand and Rame Head in the background.

These old classic fishing boats have been arriving over the last few days and I believe some of them are 100 years old and tied up in the harbour they make a wonderful sight but when they are under full sail it is truly amazing and you could be forgiven for thinking you were a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean!

At the turn of the century these sailing luggers were the main fishing boats along the south coast and although some of them now have engines fitted this weekend will see them racing under sail. It is hard to imagine how hard it was working on them for the fisherman compared to today's modern craft and our technology but seeing these sailing luggers again in Looe certainly turns back the clock to a bygone era and I expect there are still people here in Looe that can remember those days.

Probably one of the more well known Luggers and one of the largest working from Mevagissey is the 'Ibis'. She was already out in the bay this morning when I walked along the quay but this board gives an insight into her history.

The races are being held today, Saturday, and tomorrow afternoon and the best vantage points will be on the seafront, the Banjo Pier and Hannafore but it will be very busy so come early and I hope you enjoy them.

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