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Friday, 24 June 2011

How to play Jacks

The traditional game of Jacks has been played for centuries and has been a playground game enjoyed by children throughout generations. It is also known as Fivestones and Snobs and I find that even today it is still being bought mainly by adults to teach their children a game which can help with counting and co-ordination.

To start a game, hold the jacks, 16 in total, in the palm of your hand, maybe over a table or on the floor and while throwing them gently into the air catch as many as you can on the back of your hand. Place these to one side for the minute. Leave the Jacks scattered about and now take a ball and bounce it, and attempt to pick up a Jack with the same hand and catch the ball before it bounces again.

Do this with the remaining Jacks until you have collected them all or you fail to catch the ball. Your total will be the number of Jacks you have successfully collected. If you have succeeded in collecting all the Jacks without dropping the ball then you must repeat the game but picking up two Jacks at a time and if you are really clever and do that then its three at a time.

The winner would be the person with the highest number of Jacks collected.

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