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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Toyday Dream Home Building Bricks Review

My Dream Home is a building brick set made up of 323 pieces of LEGO® compatible bricks made by M.Y. Probably better suited for girls, they can build a home with everything they could ever wish for.

This set provided us with a really enjoyable activity and kept us busy for a couple of hours. However, we did find it could be quite tricky for younger children to attach the smaller pieces together, especially fiddly parts like the steps and palm tree.

The set comes with an 18 step-by-step guide to making the Dream Home, which is broken down into manageable stages and clearly tells you the pieces you require for each step. We did find that the first 8 steps were slightly harder and much more fiddly than the last 10 - patience is the key here.

What impressed me most is the variety of pieces and figures this set includes. M.Y have specially designed pieces for the front gate so that it can be open and shut and the seesaw can be pushed up and down, which means children can interact more with this set.

Pro’s and Cons

- Instructions easy to follow and broken down into a step by step guide
- You get a lot of different sized bricks in the set
- It can keep children occupied for hours
- Comes with a variety of figures

- Some of the pieces are quite fiddly to put together, which could be quite frustrating for a younger child.
- Could be packaged in a handy container
- Leaflet could include other things to make with the pieces

How Much Is It?

This set was £15.99, which in comparison to the cost of LEGO®, is fairly reasonable. It is definitely worth the money in terms of "play value", as many other things can be made using these pieces, but building the Dream Home alone is perfect for keeping young ones busy for hours. There are many other sets available at www.toyday.co.uk, which include a Space Explorer Set for £14.99 or a Police Helicopter for only £4.99, which would be better suited for the boys.

In Short

Price - £15.99
Value for Money – 8/10
Enjoyment Rating – 7/10
Recommended Age – 8-10 Years
Recommended Sex - Female
Overall Rating – 8/10

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