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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Roll Up Roll Up for the Toyday Looe Window Circus

This month in Looe we have created all the fun of the circus in our shop window.

Diabolos seem to be the latest playground craze and they fit in with our window theme perfectly along with our other juggling toys which you can see in the top picture. We have loads of diabolos in wood and plastic ranging from £2.99 up to £7.99 so it was hard to choose which one to put in there. In the end I just went for the brightest colour. I also need to point out are brand new Toyday cotton bag to store your marble collection in. We have had these bags printed with a traditional image of a boy and girl playing marbles.

We spent hours painstakingly creating and painting our very own weasel ball circus arena so come on down to Looe and see the Amazing Weasel Ball!!

The most fun I had when creating this window was playing with the magic plastic. This is a tube full of goo that you blow into bubble like balloons and you can spot them in a couple of my pictures. It's easy to take for granted the fun you can have working in a toy shop.

In the bottom picture you can just see a glimpse of our new style hula hoops with even more colours in them than the last type as well as a few classics that I hope will never change.

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