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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Retro Sweets

It started with popping candy and now Toyday is stocking more and more retro sweets. With so many people looking for party bag fillers from our traditional toy range they really needed some old fashioned sweets to go in their party bags too.

Our strawberry Space Dust popping candy comes in 70's style packaging with 5 sachets in each pack so it can easily be shared around. The crackling sensation in your mouth is like no other and if you've never tried it you really should give it ago. Many of the posh restaurants use it on their icecreams and desserts as a little bit of fun and excitement after a meal.

Our other new additions to our retro sweet range include candy necklaces, candy sticks, sherbet straws, lolly's and candy floss. The next time the sweet van comes around though I'll be sure to buy even more.

If it's a candy necklace your after, you best be quick as Blake loves these and as they are only 15p each he usually has his request granted.

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