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Sunday, 16 June 2013

All The Instruments A Budding Musician Could Possibly Need

Here at Toyday we sell a range of musical instruments the any child would love.

For the younger children we have a wooden xylophone. It is suitable for children 12months+. It is made up of 4 notes and each note is a different colour therefore helping the child learn its colour also.
Xylophone - £12.99

Next we have a small toy guitar. Made from wood, it has 6 strings made with metal and nylon and is 50cm long. The small size makes it perfect for young children 2years+.
Guitar - £18.99   

The accordion we sell is scaled down so that it is easier for children around 3 years+ to play.
Accordion - £22.99

Last we have the traditional harmonica. Made from all metal so that it is hard wearing and makes good sounds. Suitable for both adults and children around 2years+.
Harmonica - £4.99

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