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Friday, 14 June 2013

Fun Father's Day GIft Ideas

One of the best parts of parenthood for my father, was the excuse it gave him to indulge me in the toys he wished he'd had as a child. He thought that his darling daughter deserved a scalextric set for her 3rd birthday,so if I was being fair to him I'd get him a baby doll this fathers day.

Melissa and Doug Jenna 12" Doll Sweet Smelling Soft Cuddly - Click Image to Close

But I'm not that mean, so I think I'll try and get him something nostalgic from our traditional range of toys. My dad grew up on rations in post war London and had the kind of toys that his father could make for him out of wood.

Throughout my childhood a game of cards or dice was a daily reward for finishing my homework and when I was old enough we moved onto Chess. I grew up thinking I was an excellent Chess player but once I played a game against my friend Alex and realised that Dad had been letting me win just to make me happy. Looking back I wonder how many other games he tactically lost.

So how do I  find a game that will bring back his childhood memories just as a scalextric set does for me?
Well, I did some research and discovered that the most popular toys of the 50's were train sets and other imaginative play toys. There is some wonderful things in this picture of an old Woolworths toy department, many of which are still sold in Toyday today.
Boys Toys from Woolworth's in 1951, with clockwork trainsets the latest craze
Using this as my guide I have decided to get my dad one of the wind up tin toys in our range of collectables
In his youth, before he became a responsible father, my dad was into racing. Specifically he was a racing cyclist, but I'm sure that was because he was a working class lad who couldn't afford a Bugatti, if money was no object I'm pretty sure my dad would have loved to have driven one of these so I think I will buy him a more affordable version


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