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Saturday, 1 June 2013

An easy magic trick

I've been looking through the book- 'How To Win A Conker Fight' and wrote my blog last week based on one of the chapters. 
This week I saw a really funny magic trick for children and should be performed to an adult.

The idea of the magic trick is to make the coin vanish and by doing so hopefully managing to get yourself some money by (politely) asking the adult- 'can I keep the coin?' 
Here's how it works-

You will need:
1 glass
2 sheet of A3 card
A coin (supplied by chosen adult)

Before doing the trick you must-
  • turn the glass upside down on one of the sheets of card
  • draw a circle around the rim of the glass and cut the circle out
  • stick the cut-out circle of paper to the rim of the glass (using the glue)
  • once dried, use a flat service to put the glass onto the other sheet of card ( facing down) this will make the glass look like a typical empty glass
Then you are ready to perform your trick! Ask your family member to sit infront of the table, providing you with a coin (preferably £1 because you can buy more with that!)
  • put the coin in the centre of the card, take the handkerchief/cloth and cover the glass
  • slide the covered glass over the coin and whip away the handkerchief/cloth with confidence
  • this will then make it look like the coin has disappeared
  •  cover the glass again with the cloth and say 'if I can bring back the coin will you let me keep it?' 
  • If they say 'yes' then reverse the trick, sliding the glass off the coin and whipping the cloth away to reveal the coin's magical appearance
good luck with it!

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