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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Classic Games- Bagatelle

When I was 4 we used to go and stay with my Grandpa in Ludlow. My grandpa lived in a massive town house with a big staircase and cabinets full of antique glasses. There was literally nothing to do in this house but the one thing we did find, stored up in his lift and covered in dust; a bagatelle board. This game board was about 80 years old, something that my grandpa's parents would play with as children. It was honestly my favourite thing. I'm not sure what has happened to it since my Grandpa moved to a new house but I haven't seen one since today, as I opened up the shop and switched on the lights, seeing our own bagatelle board on the shelf. 

This game is probably the most simple yet effective game for children. For hours and hours they can play on it, attempting to achieve as many points as possible (using marbles as the pinball)
I think one of the most amazing things about having this game was collecting different marbles in different colours and sizes.
Our Bagatelle board obviously isn't as old and as tattered as my Grandpa's one! It also has clearer numbers and is small enough to not take up all the space. But it still has that gorgeous vintage/retro look!

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1 comment:

Adam McCollough said...

Wow - your Granpa must have had a huge house if it had a lift, especially an unused one full of stuff! ;-)
Many customers I talk to have fond memories of playing their Grandad's home made bagatelle games. I am tempted to make one myself. If I do, I'll post here on www.toys-toys-toys.co.uk and show you how.

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