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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Our Marvelous Mobiles

Today I've had three customers, all after another, admiring our different selection of wooden mobiles for their children/nieces/grandchildren. I've noticed how popular they are, especially for couples setting up bedrooms before the baby is due. It adds such a sweet quality to a room whether it's for a girl or a boy. They remind me a lot of my childhood in which I would stare for hours at the wooden one above my bed. 

Our mobiles are made out of wood and are very multi-coloured, giving them a very vintage and traditional look!
 I also love our different mobile themes such as, a princess mobile, farm mobile and my most favourite mobile- the noah's ark mobile.

We also have individual birds with flapping wings such as, seagulls and parrots.

Check out all of our mobiles on our Toyday website- www.toyday.co.uk

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