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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Marco's favourite toys

Hellooo, my name is Marco and I usually live in Italy but I am here for a European project called Leonardo da Vinci. I arrived in Totnes one week ago and I studied in the Totnes language school where I improved my English with excellent teachers.
For the next 3 weeks I will work here in the TOYDAY toyshop. I started yesterday and I have found this very exciting because you are in contact with people, you can improve your English and at the same time I am working in a very pretty shop that makes me child again.
Here I found a lot of toys which I played while I was young.

The yoyo: each boys had one, and if you had not one you would ask to your mum to buy one. With the yoyo you can do a lot of tricks and catch the attention of people. I used to play when I was 5 and I was very good with that. 

The pinball games: it is maybe my favourite game, it is very small and you can bring with you. When I had only five minutes I used to play with the pinball. Now there are a lot of different types of this game like in the computer or in the playstation but for me the best one is this:

The jumping popper: I had a lot of this jumping poppers because are very cheap and at the same time you enjoy a lot, usually my grandma gave me one each time she went to my house like a present.

Glitter Jumping Popper
Glitter Jumping Popper - 50p

The catapult: hahah a lot of memories. I used to play the catapult with my cousin.. we had a lot of competitions: we shooted to the bottles and the winner was always him... but never mind it is one of my favourite games.

The cap gun: If you liked films with cowboys and you liked their guns you would have a gun like this. I used to bring my gun when I was with my friends and I received a lot of attentions because none of my friends had one :)

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