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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Marco's favourite summer toys

hello everybody here is Marco again :) today is a very sunny day and it's unusual because there is always bad weather... with this beautiful day is like to be in Italy where now there are 37 degrees.. is very hot... Today I would like to tell you something about summer games :)
Here in Toyshop they sell all different type of games, from wooden to outdoor games. I like especially 3 games which I used to play when I was young in summer holidays.
The first one was the comical game of "who?" is for any number of players young and old, a game full of laughter caused by ridiculous questions and answers. We enjoyed a lot and had a good time while all the people all near us were laughing for our "beautiful" performances.
Game of Who

The second game is different... I played with a lot of planes, like this one, when I was outside with my friends, everyone had one.
Rubber Band Aeroplane
I liked the planes because they are easy to build and at the same time they can fly high. They are very cheap so I had a very big collection.
The last summer game for today is:
retro marbles 

Retro Marbles
every time I went to the beach I played marbles with my dad, we built a route with tunnels, jumps and holes to make it more fun. At the end of the construction we played and fortunately I always won :) This is a good game to play with a lot of people and with different marbles colour.

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