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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Flying High With Your Kite

Here in England we don't have the greatest weather all the time, although the sun is shining now it might not last. So, when it is little cloudy outside and the wind is blowing, a kite is the best way to have fun.

A Little Bit Of Kite History

Kites have been around for about 2800 years and were originally a method the Chinese used to communicate and send signals.
In some places - like New Zealand - kites are flown during religious ceremonies to send messages and prayers to the gods.
When they were introduced into India the evolution of the 'fighter kite' come along. Following this come the introduction of kite festivals where thousands of kites were flown every year.

There are many different types of kites that can be used in different ways:
  • everyday outdoor kites
  • indoor flying kites for relatively no wind
  • fighting with other kites
  • water kites are used to carry people across and above the water behind a boat
  • sport kites are used on land/across the sand, people are pulled along by the force of the wind while sat on a board with wheels
  • or gliding off cliffs and soaring above landscapes
Here at Toyday we sell a range of kites which are suitable for most ages. Here are a couple:
We have the classic Diamond Kite which comes in a variety of colours that any child will love.

We also have Miniature Kites which are great for carrying around as they pack away into a tidy and light bag which is great from when you're on holiday and you need to carry all your beach things to the beach. 
Have fun kite flying.

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