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Monday, 10 June 2013

How to make a secret book treasure box

Recently, I have been having a clear out and selling lots of unwanted things on eBay. When a particular book didn't sell, it seemed a shame to throw it away, and I had a great idea -  to make it into a secret hollow storage book box. I took some photo's along the way to show you how I made it.

What you will need

  •  A Book (That you never want to read again!)
  • A Sharp Knife With A New Blade
  • A Pen
  • Some Patience and Parental Assistance

Please note: This project requires a very sharp knife, so please ask an adult to carry out the cutting for you.

First of all, mark the cut out area approx 2" from the edge of the book

Very carefully make incisions along the lines with the knife (ASK AN ADULT TO DO THIS). I used a piece of wood as a guide; a steel rule would be perfect.

Carefully pull out the pages
Then repeat the process of marking, cutting and pulling out the pages. This does require patience. Especially if you chose a thick book!

Once you have removed all the pages, apply some PVA liberally to the inside edges of the pages, and glue down the back pages of the book to the back cover.

I chose to cut out pieces of thin card to edge the inside of my book. You could ask your Father to help you cut you some pieces out of Plywood for a luxurious finish.

I decided to leave a couple of pages at the front uncut, so you can leave it open and pretend to read it if someone caught you in the act of hiding your treasures.

The Finished Treasure Book Box
And that's how you make your own treasure book box. If you decide you don't want to make one, you can buy a secret book box from www.toyday.co.uk.

Have fun! - And if you improve on my method, please offer your comments and suggestions below.

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