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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Marco's experience in Totnes

Here is Marco, these are my last days in Totnes. Here I have found a lot of friends all from different nations like South Arabia, Spain, Russia ecc... I had a really good time with them, I have improved my English (I think and hope).

I have been living with a fantastic hostfamily which is very kind with me and my friend Nicolo', they have 2 young children and I enjoyed a lot with them. The first week I studied in the Totnes language school which I found quite boring :) but after the first week I came here in the Toyshop where I worked for 3 weeks. I could understand how a shop works and I am happy with this job. Emily Adam and Jenny are always smiling so there is a good atmosphere.

Sometimes was hard for me to understand something because, in my opinion, English is difficult to understand but I tried and sometimes I understood a wrong thing and people saw me with strange eyes... but never mind I am here for learning. A lot of people especially teenager don't speak a lot of English because they are shy... but if you don't try you will never learn anything.... I am very happy with this opportunity and I would like to this again. See you.

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Adam McCollough said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your work experience with us Marco, and wish you all the best for the future.

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